Pielcolor was founded in 1977 in Barcelona as a company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of chemical products for leather finishing. Since its inception PielColor bet on innovation and development, manufacturing with own technology of its range, and the effort to give the best technical assistance to all its customers. PielColor has been part of the Stahl Group since 2004 and is therefore one of the world’s leading chemical group in Leather Finishing.

In late 2020, the decision was taken to fully integrate PielColor, positioning it alongside Stahl as a core brand within the Stahl Group www.stahl.com.
Full integration strengthens Stahl’s position in the leather-finishing market by leveraging PielColor’s well.established reputation and extensive range of innovative responsible chemistry solutions. Marketing PielColor as a Stahl Group brand will also drive the visibility and market reach of PielColor products, including in regions where they are less well established.

With this, PielColor reinforces even more its leadership in technology, quality and sustainability, and ensures 100% compliance with Reach legislation. PielColor manufactures its entire range in Europe, China and India, and is present in all the markets of the world following its initial philosophy: to offer the best products, to develop continuously according to the needs of our customers, and to offer a high level of technical assistance.